Soul Star Chakra Roller
Soul Star Chakra Roller
Soul Star Chakra Roller

Soul Star Chakra Roller

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The Soul Star Chakra, also known as the “seat of the soul”, is associated with the direct connection to your higher self. It is transpersonal and therefore is a gateway to transcendence.

This synergy oil is 100% pure organic rose and is infused with Clear Quartz. Rose is the highest vibrational plant frequency known to man. This synergy oil can be used to connect with your divine consciousness. 


The emotional feelings of unbalanced crown chakra include:

  • Cannot surrender
  • Escapism
  • Feeling Detached
  • Feeling spaced out 
  • Lack of boundaries
  • Not grounded
  • Paranoia

The physical symptoms of an unbalanced crown chakra are:

  • Headaches / Migraines


am divinity in form.

I am source consciousness.

I have infinite potential. 

I transcend the illusion of my ego.

I transcend the limited mind.

I am free of karmic residue.

I am connected to the cosmic realm.