Mirror Work for Self Love

The mirror is something we all see daily, whether we are looking at a pimple, choosing our outfit, or simply passing by one. What we do forget to do often, is to sit in front of the mirror and intentionally face ourselves. It is almost guaranteed that if you go right now and do it, you'll understand why this is called mirror work.

It is difficult at first, considering that the mirror reflects back to you the feelings you have about yourself. The good ones .. and then of course the not so cute ones. The societal conditioning of 'I am not enough' - whether it be externally or internally, can come flooding to the forefront when you truly connect in the mirror. This is why as you learn to do mirror work, you will become much more aware of the way you speak to yourself. This work allows you to ease up on your critical mind and turn the mirror into a friend instead of an enemy.  

The more you use mirrors for complimenting, approving, and supporting yourself, the more you will notice the negative thoughts that hold no truth will end up kicking rocks.


Say your own name 5 times as you stare into your eyes. If negative thoughts come up, notice them, and try to allow them to pass through.

Place your hand on your heart as you maintain eye contact and repeat the following. "I deeply love, accept and honour myself as I am here and now. I am deserving of love, I always have been, and I always will be."

Allow any emotions that arise to be there. Sit with them and honour them for as long as you need. When you are ready, take 5 deep breaths as you connect with yourself in the mirror. Declare - "I forgive myself for everything I have ever said to hurt or harm myself, consciously or unconsciously. I now choose love. And so it is." 

Visualize a ball of light surrounding your body, this light is there to love you, hold you, and become you. 

Wrap your arms around yourself as you squeeze yourself tightly and repeat I love you 3 times. Feel free to kiss your shoulders, arms or hands - whatever feels right for you. Recognize the way you feel as you give yourself the love you so willingly give to others without question. Remember that you deserve this treatment too. 

Do this whenever you feel called.  

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