Red Pill: The Power of Words

Why is it that we are so easy to believe that if we use a mantra in meditation, prayers in religious song, or an oath, "every word counts" - but when it comes to our day to day life we don't believe that the words we speak hold any weight? Some would argue that we don't recognize the value of our spoken word as a tool of disempowerment.

We use thousands of words every day to express thoughts and feelings, and to gain response from whoever is listening. Most of the time, we barely think about the quality of the words we are using, or make a conscious connection between the thoughts we have and the words we speak. Words create spells, that is why it is called spelling, and that is why in Ancient times they saw words as sacred. Words are far more than simple tools of communication; they anchor states - and can define what emotional state we are in. When you say things like "I am angry instead of "I feel angry" your cells become what you have just stated you are. What you speak is what you become.

Challenge time - Try to speak mindfully for the next 24 hours straight. Notice if your reality changes. Play as a game with friends for accountability fun. Highly recommended for mood enhancement. 

"What you THINK you create, 

What you CREATE you become, 

What you BECOME you express, 

What you EXPRESS you experience, 

What you EXPERIENCE you are, 

What you ARE you think, 

What you THINK you create."

- Neale Donald Walsch 

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