Chakras - From the Mind of a Psychologist

Think of each chakra as an individual centre of information. Each has its own specific energy that carries a corresponding level of consciousness, its own emission of light expressing very specific information. Each also has its own individual glands, hormones, chemistry, and individual plexus of neutrons. Think of these individual clusters of neurological networks as mini-brains. If each one of those centres has its own individual brain, then each also has its own individual mind. 

When you're in a survival you're drawing from your field of energy to turn it into chemistry in your physical body - where you're over eating, over sexed, over stressed, or all at once - the energetic field around your body diminishes. That means there's not enough energy surrounding the body to give the proper instructions to matter for homeostasis, growth and repair. When that occurs, these individual centres no longer receive, process, or express energy, and they no longer produce a healthy neurological mind to send the necessary signals to the associated parts of the body where these centres innervate. Those mini-brains incoherent messages, they send an incoherent message through the organs, tissues and cells in each area in the body thats related to each centre. 

In the community of students who do this work, people have healed themselves of chronic bladder infections, prostate problems, diverticulitis, Chron's disease, ovarian tutors, thyroid conditions, throat cancer, brain tumours  and more, sometimes just after a single blessing of the energy centres meditation. 

Those dramatic healings were possible because students were able to epigenetically change the expression of their DNA, switching some of their genes on and others off, changing how those genes express proteins in their physical bodies. 

Written by Joe Dispenza

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